Feedback from Spring 2018-19 Classes

Class Guitar for Music Therapy

• He does a great job, an excellent class. 
• I loved the professor’s teaching in this class. I learned so much. My only suggestion would be to assign more assignments to students so that they have clear expectations for what to practice before the next class. 
• Professor Horne is a great guitar player. He also meets ya where we’re at and uses that to improve our guitar skills and teaches us a lot more than just chords, he teaches us ways to be musical, or to put our own spin on a song.
• I feel like Professor Horne is a great teacher for this class. Students can obviously tell that he is very knowledgeable and talented when it comes to playing the guitar. I really like how he has taken the multiple parts of the GSP that Music Therapy majors must complete and have made us submit it via video form to him by the end of the week. I find this an effective way to use time so we are not all super nervous with having to perform these tasks in front of the class and we can get direct feedback from him on how to improve for next time. I really like how we have been spending the past few weeks preparing for the last part of the GSP. I like how he has taken the time to help us improve with the idea of having to improv on the guitar, and teaching us cool entrances to add in so the song sounds more interesting. I will miss working with him next year, but it will be very nice to have the GSP completed
• Prof. Horne encourages students to play different songs. He is a very patient teacher! Thank you. I hope we have more guitar classes in the future 
• Professor Horne actually understands what music therapy is, and after talking to other undergraduates from other universities about their curriculum, all I can say is that Ohio University is blessed to have John Horne. He teaches extremely effectively, and I would say that every song we learned had multiple applications in both technique and the music therapy repertoire. 
• The only complaint I have about this class is that there's not another level! I've learned so much these past two semesters and wish I could continue learning from professor Horne because he's that good of a teacher.

Class Guitar for Non-Music Majors

•An incredibly fun class! 
•I found the class enjoyable and relaxing 
• I was initially under the impression that this course was meant to focus on folk guitar for all individuals of all different skill-sets. I was even told this by the instructor during the first few weeks of the course, but the course focused specifically on teaching guitar for beginners rather than "folk guitar". The course was very boring for someone of a more experienced skill-set but it was taught very well and remained interesting at times even though I had a thorough understanding of the material prior. I would just suggest renaming the course to "guitar for beginners" or distributing attention/coursework evenly to students of all backgrounds.
• I would diversify the material used for teaching if possible. I think throughout the entire semester we’ve learned one maybe two songs by 
black artist.

Jazz Combo

• I really enjoyed this class and I'm looking forward to taking it again in the future! 
• Prof. Horne did a great job this semester, as always. Our ensemble was very strong, and we had a great time. We had fun and challenging repertoire that kept all of us thinking and engaged in our playing.



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