Looking for live music for your next event? My performances fall into two broad categories: solo fingerstyle guitar and jazz & blues ensembles. 

Solo Guitar Performances 
Swinging arrangements by jazz masters set the perfect mood for a relaxing cocktail hour or dinner party, while classical works create a sophisticated ambiance well suited to wedding ceremonies and formal events. 

Ensemble Performances 
For a more dynamic performance a small jazz ensemble/rhythm and blues group is available. Ensembles are versatile enough to perform light jazz during cocktail hour and danceable favorites after dinner. 

My standard wedding ceremony fee in Athens,Ohio is $500.00. This includes a consultation to pick out music, custom guitar arrangements for special music, attendance at the rehearsal, and of course the wedding. The standard wedding reception fee for solo guitar is $200.00 the first hour and $50.00 per hour after that. Prices for ensemble performances vary according to the needs of the client. Please ask for a quote.   

Other Considerations   
Performance fees may vary according to the length of the engagement, number of musicians involved, preparation time, and traveling considerations. If there is a particular song or musical theme that’s important to your event, please let me know and I will work to shape all aspects of the music to help create the mood you desire. In the past, I have enjoyed creating unique presentations for my clients. All performances include sound reinforcement that is designed to maintain a comfortable volume for conversation. Musicians dress according to guidelines agreed upon by myself and the client. To discuss booking a performance please email me with the details of your event.