From Private Students 
"Thanks so much for working with me. I really appreciate your open mind and patience in your teaching style. I feel like I'm slowly digesting some great things and that they will spill over into my songwriting." MB

“John Horne was a very encouraging teacher. He always pointed out the strengths of my performance and gave constructive criticism. John was also sensitive to my individual interests and goals. He was a pleasure to work with.” - AG

“If hadn’t moved back to Wisconsin, I’d still be studying music and guitar with John. In a way, I still am….I’m still practicing, using, and studying the theory, technique, and concepts John introduced me to a year ago. Classes with John gave me not only the information I sought, but also the inspiration to keep pursuing my musical goals. Thanks, John!” - MO 

“I never thought a guitar teacher could be so cool and down to earth.” - JM 

From Previous Clients
"We honestly cannot thank you enough for helping make our wedding the best day of our lives - you were FANTASTIC, and everyone is still saying it was the most beautiful ceremony they've been to . Having you there with us was one of the the best decisions we made." - Matthew & Michelle Kelley

“Thank you so much for playing at the Ben’s Team Benefit! Many of the people who heard you remarked that you were “great – the best of the entertainment” that night.” – Michele Hayes, Ben’s Team 

“Thanks so much for playing at my reception March 15th. Everyone enjoyed your music and gave you many compliments. Thank you for making our day run a little bit smoother; everything was great!” – Abby Skon, wedding client 

“I want to thank you for performing for my group last Friday at Eclipse. You were the perfect accent for that night and I know everyone appreciated the performance. It was a pleasure to work with you; I won’t hesitate to contact you again for a future event!” – Yumi Choe, Ohio University Alumni Association 

"It was a blessing to have you play at mommy's service. You played beautifully and I know she was pleased as we all were. We appreciate your time and talents that allowed us to properly honor our mother." - Webb Family


From Guitar Classes at Ohio University  
“Mr. Horne is an extraordinary teacher. He always met me at the level I was at.”  

“In classes, I really felt that he was able to teach at what seemed to be two different levels at the same time. He would be introducing new things to the beginners while still engaging and pushing the more advanced players at the same time.”  

“His passion for music shows in his teaching. Even when I was having a hard time with difficult things like barre chords and riffs, he was always encouraging and supporting us. I felt it was okay to make mistakes, and because of this I took chances and became a better musician.”  

“He is always welcoming. He is one of the most understanding and cheerful professors I’ve ever met. I’ve never felt anything but supported by him as a professor.”  

“He goes out of his way to work with you if you need extra help and has made (what can be) a stressful education a more enjoyable one.”  

“You can just see his passion for music. I loved going to classes and lessons because it reminded me of why I love music. To see that kind of passion in your professor is inspiring and encouraging. He really knows how to make you feel successful as a student and musician.”  

“John Horne is a really great teacher. He makes class interesting and student-centered. All of our music is very clearly labeled and very accessible. He really knows how to help students individually as well and is great at managing students who might be at different levels.”  

“John Horne does a wonderful job of setting a pace that is not too fast for his students who have no idea how to play the guitar.”  

From Jazz Improv Classes at Ohio University
“I learned a lot in your class, especially regarding melodic improvisation and how to practice improv, which was my goal! Your explanations, worksheets, and class activities were always helpful, and I was very happy to be in your class this semester!”  

From Jazz Combo at Ohio University
"I love this class. I look forward to it every week, and I learn a lot every time we meet. Professor Horne does a great job creating a comfortable environment where each person can experiment." 

"It has been a pleasure to have professor Horne as an ensemble director this year. He chose appropriate rep and asked for suggestions from the group. As a group I felt that we really loved our rep this semester for that reason. His directions were very clear and he used rehearsal time very effectively. His vast knowledge of Jazz music and performance is evident in each piece of advice he gives the members of the ensemble. His positive attitude and love of jazz music really unified and motivated the group. He also created materials such as arrangements or additional parts to songs. Professor Horne is an extremely effective director and a joy to learn from."